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Can you trust what you’re drinking? You’ll be surprised to learn there are many wells in North Carolina that have too much iron, lead, low pH, bad bacteria, and other contaminants that aren't discovered unless tested. And unfortunately, these contaminants can cause health problems to members of your family. Whether you’re a new buyer needing a well water analysis for your lender or you are a homeowner with a private well having it regularly tested as recommended, trust Insight Inspection Services to provide this service to you. We serve RDU and surrounding areas including Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Clayton, Apex, Holly Springs, and Research Triangle Park.

Take a look inside your drinking water

Private well water can get contaminated with lead, nitrates, nitrites, arsenic, iron, copper, and harmful coliform bacteria including E.coli. These harmful coliforms can cause gastrointestinal upset and can be especially dangerous for persons with weak immune systems. Nitrates and nitrites can’t be tasted or smelled but can cause a whole host of problems with blood pressure, heart rate, and stomach issues. High levels of iron or copper can also cause gastrointestinal problems. Have us collect a sterile water sample for inspection of these contaminants and more.

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How did my well water get contaminated?

Groundwater can carry harmful contaminants that can pollute your well water. Animal feces, industrial runoffs, and pesticides can start many miles away and find their way to your well. Tap water testing and water analysis can tell you if you have a problem. It’s recommended to test your tap water each year for harmful bacteria and every 2-5 years for other contaminates.

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It’s easy to assume the water that comes out of your tap is clean and safe for your family to drink. The truth is that nearly all contaminants are microscopic and require testing to identify. New construction wells, recently repaired wells, and recent flooding always requires your well water to be tested. But if you can’t remember the last time you had your well water tested, then it’s time to do so! Keep your family safe with routine water quality testing. Call 919-247-3452 and ask for Elliott and we’ll take care of it right away.

"We had the absolute pleasure of working with Insight Inspection Services. They communicated every aspect of their services before beginning the inspection process. Careful attention to detail was performed and the process was carried out completely. You’ll be greeted with an awesome customer experience. We can’t say enough to express our satisfaction. We highly recommend Insight Inspection Services." - Dottie

"Elliot is as thorough and professional as they come. I’m a first time homebuyer and I couldn’t be happier with his level of expertise and meticulous diligence. He treats all his home inspections as if he were doing it for his own home. This level of commitment and passion is incomparable." - Michael

"Elliott exemplifies a true businessman. His professionalism and knowledge is outstanding. I would recommend his services to all home buyers." - Regina

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